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Name:Julian Steele
Birthdate:Oct 15
Location:United States of America

Character information - in brief
Julian is an original character and a vampire.

Character information - in detail
Name: Julian Steele
Age: 24
Current Location: Cambridge, MA
Current Residence: A small, run-down house in some lesser prestigious housing area
Current Occupation: Bartender at the "Glow"
Appearance: He is smallish, about 5'7'', skinny, not muscular, and his skin is pale. All in all he gives a rather sickly impression.
He has dark brown eyes and shaggy long black hair. His clothing is mostly black and consists of jeans, shirt, boots and a leather jacket; his things are clean but look worn.
Being a vampire he has fangs which are always present but aren't very prominent when he's talking. Also, his fingernails are sharp and quite pointy. His eyes reflect the light under certain circumstances.
Other than that, he appears to be an ordinary human - he breathes, has a regular heartbeat and normal body temperature.
Personality: He's a quiet person who prefers to keep people at a distance, both physically and emotionally. With strangers he's reserved but friendly, trying to help if he can. For people close to him he would do and give everything.
Pets: A dog, Peavey. He resembles a large Border Collie, but is not a pure-bred.

Still not enough info? There is also this long-winded character info meme of doom.

Vampirism in Julian's world
My vampires, or "Fangs", are a creation of my own.
What they are: Basically humans with upgrades. They are faster, stronger and have enhanced sensory perception. Technically, they're immortal, as they don't age and rarely suffer from diseases.
The downside is that they're sensitive to bright light and loud noise, and while exposition to these does no real harm it is painful. Direct sunlight, however, rapidly causes bad burns that can lead to death. Fangs can be wounded and killed by any ordinary weapons, despite their bodies healing quickly. If their injuries are too severe and not treated, they can die from them.
Also, they require a lot of energy which is gained from drinking blood, additionally to eating and drinking regularly.
What they are not: Mythological creatures of any kind. They neither change their shape nor fly, religious symbols don't harm them, neither does garlic. They'll happily cross rivers and enter any house, invited or not.

General information and disclaimer
Mun and muse are both over 18.
This journal is for writing and role-playing purposes only, the contents are purely fictional. Julian is from an original story which I am writing.
More information on the story and some artwork can be found here: Fangdom
All artwork posted in this journal has been created by me unless stated otherwise.
I'm no native English speaker, so I'd like to apologize in advance for possible mistakes or awkward language. Feel free to correct me if you find any! :)
The mun's journal is [personal profile] jul_steele.

I'm currently playing Julian in three different versions: The regular one, as described above, the version who lives in NYC (see below) which is based on the regular verse, and a demon/vampire hybrid. For more information on Julian's verses, see this entry.

NYC Noir info
Character information for the NYC Noir game can be found here.
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